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To Make an All-out Effort for 150 Days for Key Project Whole Package PPP Project of Huazhou City Water Purification and Treatment Facilities

time:2020-10-15 count:3767

The whole package PPP project of Huazhou water purification and treatment facilities undertaken by our company is a key construction project in Guangdong Province, which is also a project of great concern to the people of Huazhou City. The investment of the project has completed 286 million yuan and over 90% of the investment assigned by the higher authorities has completed. At present, the whole construction of the project is being stepped up, and 16 water purification plants are expected to be put into trial operation by the end of the year.

The project is under construction by three contracting groups including the north district, the south district and the central district. Eighteen town-level water purification plants are newly built and supporting sewage collection pipe network is newly added. The total construction scale of the project is 110,000 tons of daily sewage treatment and the supporting pipe network is 190 km.

The plant construction and the equipment installation have been basically completed. At present, the plant road surface, greening and enclosure construction as well as the remaining pipe network construction are in progress. The whole project is being carried out in an orderly manner, and it is expected that the commissioning of the facilities will be completed by the end of November and the discharge will be up to standard.

Impacted by the epidemic situation in this year, the construction of the whole project had been delayed by about two months. For the purpose of catching up the time affected by the epidemic and speed up the construction of the key projects, Huazhou Housing and Construction Bureau, in accordance with the requirements of Implementation Scheme of 150-Day Battle for Focusing on Investment and Stabilizing Projects of the Whole City in 2020, has set up a special working group, strengthened supervision and guidance, and implemented the mechanism of battling with plan-hanging and anti-driving goals to ensure the completion of the project as scheduled.

At present, the construction of each water purification plant in the north district, south district and center district of the project is being sped up, among them, the water purification plants in Baoxu Town, Xinan Town, Ligang Town, Jianghu Town, Nansheng subdistrict, Shiwan subdistrict, Linchen Town, Guanqiao Town and Zhongdong Town had water supply, and have entered the trial operation stage.