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Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd. was Awarded the Title of Yancheng 2020 “Four-Star Enterprise”

time:2021-03-02 count:3248

At the beginning of the New Year, the Yancheng Municipal Committee and Yancheng Municipal People’s Government held the city’s comprehensive evaluation and commending conference at which good news arrived that Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of Yancheng 2020 “Four-Star Enterprise”, and won the “Sales Scale Award”. At the same time, the chairman Cheng Biao also won the honorable title of “Excellent Entrepreneur” of Yancheng.

For the star-rated enterprises winning the award, Yancheng adopted the form of “home delivery of medal, home delivery of service”, and at 3:00 pm of February 28, 2021, a panel of five people led by Tang Kun, the deputy county chief of Jianhu County and Jiang Guangjian, the director general of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, awarded the medal to our company. At that time, the deputy county chief Tang Kun and the chairman Cheng Biao developed a deep communication on the preferential policies of the county government for the construction industry, the local economy and the joint development of the enterprise economy and so on.

The year of 2020 is extraordinary for Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd. It was a year with difficulties and hardships for Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd. led by the chairman Cheng Biao. The very big breakthrough benefited from the cohesive force of “the spirit in dragon boat team”, from diligent cultivation of the powerful team which is competent and successful in achieving work, and from the chairman Cheng Biao’s numerous affairs every day, he spared no pains, experienced the ups and downs that the ordinary person can’t understand, and held up a warm blue sky for everybody!

March 1, 2021