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       Zhonggang Construction Group has passionately undergone over 20 years, working steadily and focusing on development with objective of “honesty, trustworthiness and win-win cooperation”.
         After suffering great hardships, overcoming obstacles and looking far ahead for over two decades, the Group has improved itself from a simple construction enterprise to a enterprise engaged in investment, construction and management; by sweating and going through ups and downs for over two decades, Zhonggang people, with solid strength and hard work spirit, has realized their own dreams step by step and left behind many shining footprints everywhere in China. 
         More than 20 years’ hardening and forging have forged the new legend of Zhonggang

Birthday of Zhonggang
By virtue of a keen eyesight and indomitable willpower, the president started from scratch and worked hard to establish Jianhu Gangxi Earthwork Dredging Engineering Co., Ltd., and this was the former Zhonggang.
Progress of Zhonggang
With the continuously accumulated life experience and a grateful heart of paying back to the society, Jianhu Highway Asphalt Mixing Plant was founded and keeps forging ahead.
Development of Zhonggang
With diligence and courage of Zhonggang, Zhonggang People went out of Yancheng, “capital of wetland in the east” and came to Suzhou, “Oriental Venice” to seek for new development. Suzhou Industrial Park Huayuan Pavement Engineering Co., Ltd. was established, making contribution for the infrastructure construction of Suzhou Industrial Park, and from then on, the enterprise has been developed stably.
Leap-forward development
With intelligence and willpower, Zhonggang peoples the conception of group operation, and the enterprise began to step toward the pattern of diversified development. The qualification Grade 1 for the general contracting of port and channel, highway project and municipal public project began to play effect. The occupation manager team has gradually come on stage, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the group.
Rapid rise of Zhonggang
With strength and dream, Zhonggang people proposed the innovative thought of “project finance” to serve governments of all levels, the group has transformed from the simple construction management to investment and construction management, and strived to build a first-class urban comprehensive operation service provider, from then on, the group has taken the road of rapid rise.