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Talent concept: enforceability is the first ability

Talent use concept:

Talent concept: recommend the capable talents, have both morality and ability, fully play the value of talents and make the best use
Human resources are the most valuable and active resources of Zhonggang, and the strategic resources to create value, sustain and develop the group's continuous competitiveness. Recommend the capable talents: further expand the talent introduction and selection channel, discover, cultivate, exercise and bravely use talents, strengthen the talent team, so as to provide continuous motive power for the development of the group.
Have both morality and ability: those with both morality and ability must be used in the important position, those with morality but without ability must be ability, and those without both morality and ability should never be used. The group constructs a talent team with both morality and ability by improving the talent quality.
Fully play the value of talents: fully mine the bright spot of each employee, make full use of advantage of each employee, integrate the group talent resources to promote the sustainable, long-term and rapid development of the group.
Make the best use: discover the individual characteristics of each employee keenly, put talents in the most appropriate position and apply the employees' advantages in the most appropriate work.

Talent retention concept:

Retain talents with cause: provide a good platform and development space for the talents;
Retain talents with culture: create a good cultural atmosphere, continuously strengthen the condensation within the enterprise;
Retain talents with development: provide many opportunities for training and learning and the opportunities to improve the employees' quality and ability;

The four points will become the direction and objective of HR management, so as to ensure that each Zhonggang people full of passion, ability and responsibility can fully perform himself and achieve the ambition in the progress with the group.