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Zhangzhou Kailong Mining Co., Ltd. Testing Machine News Report

time:2022-03-08 count:2145

March 4 is the second day of the second lunar month, known as Longtaitou Festival. On the industrial square of Shiyazi mechanism placer area of Zhangzhou Kailong Mining Co., Ltd. this morning, the sound of firecrackers shook the sky, and the scene was particularly lively.

On that day, the Shiyazi mechanism placer area of Zhangzhou Kailong Mining Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation. Cheng Biao, chairman of Zhonggang Construction Group,, came to the scene in person. In the sound of firecrackers, the Chairman, Cheng Biao, and the mining contractor Xiamen Minbang Company and all staff of Zhangzhou Kailong Mining Co., Ltd. witnessed the opening and testing machine ceremony of sand washing equipment.

The company will adhere to the principles of advanced technology and equipment, applicability, rationality and economy, adopt the most advanced product production technology in China, select the most advanced equipment in China, and ensure the quality of products, so as to achieve the high efficiency of enterprises. Earnestly carry out the national guidelines, policies and relevant regulations on mining, and implement the current standards and norms issued by the state and various ministries and commissions. Achieve the win-win of economic and social benefits.